The LYME Reckoning

Ok folks. As if lifelong anxiety weren’t enough of a hurdle to get over, life has thrown another curveball at me! Towards the end of the summer, I was drying off after a shower and noticed a bulls-eye rash on the back of my right arm! (I may have been flexing in the mirror). YEP, LYME DISEASE!!! Now, in the past with my ridiculous health/medical anxiety, just seeing the bulls-eye would have thrown me into panic mode. Now, however, with my insanely improved gut microbiome and gut-brain axis, I calmly accepted this lovely gift from the universe and set out right away to taking action.

I have a friend from high school, Dana Parish @danaparish, who is a big-time Lyme Disease activist up in NYC. She was bitten by a tick several years ago and while she followed the general established medical guidelines for treatment, her Lyme disease came back with a vengeance and she almost died! I knew she would know what to do. So per her recommendation, I went straight to my primary doc to get some antibiotics. I then met with a Lyme specialist that she recommended and got a bunch more antibiotics and other meds. She also recommended a bunch of natural supplements to assist the process of killing the Lyme bacteria. We also did a ton of bloodwork that confirmed the Lyme and revealed some other problems that need to be addressed.

While the Amare Fundamentals and Mood+ have done an amazing job of taking me out of the shadowy depths of anxiety and depression, there is only so much those amazing products can do when I’m still a jackass with my diet. It’s time now to take the next step.

For me, this means Reboot+ time! Along with the 3 days of reboot, I’m going on a pretty strict elimination type diet for the next month or so. After which, I’ll slowly start to add some suspect foods back in one at a time to see how they affect me. Not sure exactly which diet protocol/program I’m going to follow yet, but for the next few weeks it’s gonna be vegan smoothies with the GBX Foods System, a big ass salad with veggies and legumes (for protein) for lunch, and lentil soups or other innocuous soups/bowls for dinner.

It’s time to make some big changes. In about 2 months I’m going back to my Lyme doc for follow up and bloodwork. I’m hoping the results look ALOT better than they did initially. I’ll keep you all posted! Thanks!

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